February 21, 2017 2 min read

Your Abayas need to be treated with special care in order to maintain their glow, color, shape, and elongate their closet lifespan. Evade damages which can wear out your Abayas by following the essential guide below.

  1. Get to know each of your Abayas: Make sure you know how to deal with the type of fabric each of your abayas are made from. Then,  figure out if you should take your abaya to the dry cleaner or if you can care for it at home. Some Abayas are made of a complex fabric composition. Those materials can be a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. For example, some Abayas and their Shiela's (scarf) consist of silk in the fabric mix ; therefore, dry cleaners are the best solution. It is advisable to send your Abayas to the dry cleaners if you are unaware or unsure of the fabric composition which your Abaya was made from.
  2.  Differentiate and Treat your Abayas with Respect : Your everyday Abayas which are simpler in fabric composition can be washed by hand in cold water using a special Abaya shampoo which will preserve the color and shine of the fabric (especially dark Abaya shades) along with a fabric softener . Never use the machine dryer after washing your Abayas. Instead, hang them to air-dry. On the other hand, it is recommended to send out your special outing Abayas that has detailed and delicate work to the dry cleaning. 
  3. Be Gentle on your Abayas: When your Abayas are nearly dry, it is recommended to use the steamer on the lowest heat to the creases. Make sure you always iron your Abayas inside out to avoid damaging the surface.
  4. Store Your Abayas with Care:Always make sure to clean the wardrobe from dust and hair before hanging your Abayas in it. Use special velvet hangers to maintain the shoulder shape and avoid Abaya slipping & dropping. We recommend you to keep a scent diffuser with your favourite fragrance inside your Abaya closet.